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Greenville Kleiser
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 05 (to)
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Preposition "to"


addicted to flattery

adherence to principle

affect to believe

akin to truth

alive to opportunity

allied to virtue

amenable to reason

aspire to rule

attempt to suppress

aversion to publicity


blind to demonstration

brought to repentance


claim to perpetuity

come to nothing

committed to righteousness

common to humanity

conducive to happiness

conformable to fact

consigned to oblivion

constrained to speak

contribution to knowledge


deaf to entreaty

dedicated to friendship

deference to custom

devoted to ideals

disposed to cavil [cavil = raise trivial objections]

doomed to destruction

driven to despair

dwarf to unimportance


empowered to act

endeared to all

excite to pity

exposed to derision


fly to platitudes

foredoomed to failure


given to extravagance

ground to atoms


harassed to death

hostile to progress


impervious to suggestion

impossible to reconcile

impotent to save

incentive to devotion

incitement to anger

inclined to vascillate

indifference to truth

intent to deceive

intolerable to society

inured to fatigue [inured = habituate to something undesirable]

invocation to sleep


laugh to scorn

left to conjecture

lost to remembrance


obedience to conscience

oblivious to criticism

offensive to modesty

open to reason

opposed to innovation


pander to prejudice

pertaining to fashion

prone to melancholy

propose to undertake

provoke to laughter

put to confusion


recourse to falsehood

reduced to impotence

related to eternity

repeat to satiety

repugnant to justice

requisite to success

resort to violence

run to seed


seek to overawe

serve to embitter

spur to action

stimulus to ambition

stirred to remonstrance

subject to scrutiny

succumb to fascination

superior to circumstances

susceptible to argument


temptation to doubt

tend to frustrate

trust to chance


utilize to advantage


venture to say

vital to success


wedded to antiquity


yield to reason


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