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Age 10 Girl (1993 - Present)
You Want to Come to My House?

My favit sport is handball. You know what it is? You get a ball and
hit it on the wall. If it touch down your out. You have to get in line
again and wait and wait untill its your tern.

Favit suject. What is sujet? Oh my favit sujet is about planets because
I know where are the planets. And lots of stuff. Me I am in my mothers
world. I like my mother and father the same. But I like my dad a little
more, because he takes me to buy more stuff and because hes nice to
me. My mom is nice too but when we don't do well at school and my
mom hits us my dad says why do you hit them If you hit them theyll
become more domb.

You want to come to my house? tell me before you want to come. I
got to clean up.

My favit color is red, blue, or perple. Tell you, one word or you want
more? blue -- hat red.

I was writing this poem but something happed. The police came
because a man put a gun at my sister. My bother call the police.
You didn't tell me. You want to come to my house?

By a Girl, Age 10 (Los Angeles, 2003).

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