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Melvia A. Hasman
Director, Office of English Language Programs, Public Affairs Section, U.S.Embassy Brasilia

Our office provides support to English teachers at public and private secondary schools and universities in Brazil. We have a newsletter, 'English Matters,' which we send out to about 1,000 English teachers and I will include your web site in our next issue - January - March.... Congratulations to you and all those working on this wonderful project.
Robert Lindsey
Regional English Language Officer, U. S. Embassy Cairo

I loved your site and will share it with Egyptian students and teachers. They will especially enjoy the recordings and the chance to hear the poems and selections read by young Americans.
Public Affairs Section
U. S. Embassy, Mexico City

... how wonderful that you love poetry and literature as much as you do. I will forward your email to Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin here in Mexico City so that they can publicize your web site.
Maria Eugenia Alcalde
Information Resource Center, U. S. Interest Section, Havana-Cuba

I will share this information with my friends at the International School of Havana. I was the school librarian there and I am sure the English teachers will find this web site very useful for their classes. It is a good example of what kids can do.
Alain N. Mesa
PAS/PD Information Resource Center Director, AmEmbassy Kinshasa, D.R.Congo

Many/many congratulations for the wonderful job you are doing in disseminating for free the extensive material concerning English classics. No doubt you sent the message to the right address and please, make sure that it is being distributed to hundreds of people in need of such information. For your better understanding, please be informed that the agenda of the English (Language) departments in the tertiary education in my country foresees a course in Anglo-American Literature, but resources are a nightmare. You cannot imagine how helpful you are in providing lecturers and students with such valuable information. I am forwarding the website to the many IRC contacts, including the US Embassy staff for re-distribution on a larger scale. I passed the message to the Head of the English Department of the University of Kinshasa, Ungina NDOMA, PhD, who appreciated... As for me, I checked Abraham Lincoln's "The Gettysburg Address", and enjoyed both the text and Jeff Kiok's reading.
Chena Popper
Administrative Assistant, San Diego Council on Literacy

Thank you for this link! I forwarded it to about 50 literacy providers working with both children and adults. I hope you get a lot of hits on the site.
From India

My name is Deepak. I am an Indian. I have browsed your site....It is a great site. It contains many works of great poets and authors and I am sure that I have use for many of them.... I have told about your site to all my friends and fellow students.
Scott F. Gray, Ed. D.
Executive Director, Long Beach Area Literacy Council, Long Beach, California

You have developed a very nice Web site that will be very useful. We will certainly make use of it. Great work and thank you for doing this.
Mei-Yu Lu
Literacy Specialist, ERIC/REC (a project of the U. S. Department of Education)

Thank you for the information and resources. I have forwarded your message to the appropriate person who is in charge of updating our website.
Khaled Ben Bouzid
IRC Director, Public Affairs Section, U. S. Embassy, Tunis

I will disseminate your address to ELT teachers here in Tunis. I will also pass it to my colleagues in charge of our monthly newsletter to put an insert. It's a great endeavor to English learners in countries where print materials in English are scarce.
Y. Chen
A student in Taiwan

I really enjoy reading the essays on the website and those indeed help me on my "Three Principles of the People" class -- a special course required in Taiwan.... Without those articles, I wouldn't have finished my homework.... BTW, I am a 15-year-old girl from Taiwan. I have read a report about your story in the largest newspaper in Taiwan. Mazel tov!... Keep going!
Ann Beck, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Literacy Volunteers of Coconino County, Flagstaff, Arizona

Thank you for the information. We will include it on our website resource list which is updated and distributed regularly to our volunteer literacy tutors. Nice job!
Cher Young
Consular Associate, U. S. Embassy Amman, Jordan

I ... will give your web address to the folks that write our weekly embassy newsletter and plan many of the children's activities here at the embassy.... I think you are doing a wonderful thing and I will spread the word.
Maria Blanco Pate
Executive Director, Alianza, U.S.-Uruguay Bi National Center

I got your web site address from the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay.... Congrats on all the hard work... The Coordinators to whom I had forwarded your site were very impressed as well: by the quantity and quality of material available, and by your positive, can-do attitude. The Alianza, the Bi National Center I direct, has four branches in the Montevideo Metro area and 48 branches in the interior of the country. We have over 8,000 students. We also have a library, a language lab, and two theaters. Our mission is to encourage friendship and understanding between the U.S. and Uruguay through educational and cultural activities. Thank you for helping us further our mission by sharing with us your work on the page.
Tom Goetz
Associate Professor of English, Japan

I heard about your work on a Voice of America broadcast. Keep up the good work. I am an associate professor of English at a Japanese university.
Sebastiao Albano
Portuguese Teacher, Brazil

I read about your site on VOA ( Wordmaster) and have only one comment: FANTASTIC! It was exactly what I was looking for to improve my poor English. Congratulations and Thanks a lot!!!
Monica Ralea
Network Manager, British Council, Romania

Your site is great -- keep up the good work. I've sent the site address to teachers' associations in Romania.
Rachel Cooke
Public Affairs Section, U. S. Embassy Bishkek

In Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) your website will be published in the Peace Corps newsletter, where there are approximately 100 Peace Corps Volunteers teaching English at the high school and university level. Thanks for a great resource.
Luis Navarro G.
Teacher, Peru

I am an ESL Teacher in Peru, South America, and have found your site quite interesting. This mail is just to thank you and everyone at school for sharing all of these contents and experiences. I am sure there are lots of people all over the world who think the same as me. Thanks again on behalf of my kids at school.
Todd Beuckens

Your site is fantastic. I love it. Is it true this is done by an 11th grader! Amazing....I teach university students who are going to be elementary school teachers and your site is ideal for them.
Megiddo High School, Israel

I will inform our English staff of your WONDERFUL site! May you go from strength to strength.
Karen Kirkup
English Instructor, Brevard Community College

I was very impressed with Repeat After Us. For years I have been telling my adult ESL students (from all over the world) to get books on tape and to follow the texts while listening and then to mimic what they hear in order to improve their pronunciation and reading skills and to pick up the noun and verb endings and the small words that ESL students so often omit. I will certainly recommend this site to my students.
Karen Overklift
Human Resources Department, Burnham Institute

I work in the Human Resources department of a non-profit cancer research center, The Burnham Institute. We employ people from 32 different countries, and we provide on-site English courses, but we focus those courses on writing and presentation skills. Repeat After Us fills a gap by providing help with pronunciation.... Your web site is now improving the pronunciation skills of scientists and researchers who are working to cure disease. Ellie Wen, you are making a bigger difference in the world than you realize.
Happy Mom

My son had to memorize Antony from Julius Caesar (Friends, Romans, Countrymen). Although he knew the "words", he was just reading. After listening and downloading (to his Ipod no less), he was able to join the proper sentences together and put the proper pauses in his speech. I wont say my age, but this sure beats walking around the house with index cards to help memorize. Thank you for your site..........I expect to visit again.
Krystal L. Rodriguez
RepeatAfterUs Visitor

Ellie, Thank you so much for all of your help, your website has helped my father learn and understand English, he came to America not too long ago and Spanish is all he's ever known, but thanks to our friends and family, and now you, he can read and speak and understand English very well, I just thought you should know that your website is a very positive one, keep up the good work!
Martin Sweeney
Universal Access Services Chairman

Wow! What a terrific and wonderful site and service. I work with persons with developmental disabilities, many of whom have literacy-related disabilites. Your site gives me many ideas. Thank you!!!

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